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What is it?

03:00 “Three after midnight” – see more without looking.

“Three after midnight” – the first museum in Ukraine, where you will be in the total darkness and guided by the blind person during the whole excursion.
Here you will get unique experience that will definitely change your world view. This is a chance to learn more about the possibilities of your body, as well as about how blind people live – and ask them any questions personally.

“Three after midnight” is a cultural inclusive space, a place for dialogue between sighted and blind people, a platform for employment and socialization of blind.

We conduct excursions for blind visitors for free. They can talk with our guides there and get acquainted with art by touch.

We already had more than

Blind visitors


Note! You have to book excursions in advance. You can choose and book date and time on our website or call us at 073 345 0300.

Walk in the dark

  • 90 minutes
  • up to 5 visitors
  • 1 blind guide
  • 150m2 of the dark
  • 800-1200 uah/group
Прогулянка в темряві. Музей 03:00

5 different locations – and each of them realistically reflects a certain place from our life – with its sounds, smells and arrangement.

In 90 minutes you will pass all 5 rooms and try to repeat your usual day with one difference – you will be in absolute darkness, and, therefore, you will not be able to use eyesight.

Сan you cross the road or pour water into a glass in the darkness?

It is possible to have 2 excursion at one time for 2 groups (with 2 guides). Maximum amount of visitors in this case is 10.

Interactive exhibition “Quest of senses”

  • up to 60 minutes
  • up to 4 visitors
  • 1 blind guide
  • 10 tasks
  • 600-800 uah/group
Museim 03:00 Quest of senses

“Quest of senses” is a unique interactive exhibition, where your own senses will serve as exhibits. It is a possibility to check all your senses: hearing, scent, tactile and temperature sensations, orientation in space and all other. All, except of sight, – because everything is traditionally happening in total darkness.

During the quest you will be guided by a blind person who is there to provide you any help if necessary and answer all your questions.

Dating in the darkness

  • 90 minutes
  • 2 visitors
  • 1 blind guide
  • 150m2 of the dark
  • desserts + fruits
  • 1200 uah/excursion
Побачення в темряві. Музей 03:00

You will spend 90 minutes inside of a specially designed space in complete darkness: romantic dinner will taste with new flavor, music will be perceived deeper, you will have to touch paintings to read them, and writing a love-letter will become a quest on itself. While completing all museum’s locations, each one of which presents a separate interesting challenge, you will have to unite and re-discover each other.

During the whole excursion you will be guiding by the blind person who know very good how to distract you from visual noise.

School excursions

  • 2 hours
  • up to 24 visitors
  • 2-3 blind guides
  • from 125 uah/student in weekdays
Шкільні екскурсії. Музей 03:00

Children are tired from museums where “Silence” and “Keep calm!”. It is allowed to be loud, active and interactive in our museum!

How to convey to kids difficult issues? To tell – good. To show – better. To feel to your own – the best.
We created a special 2-hours program for children:

  • First of all children try to repeat their routine in the total darkness (for example cross the street ot find a flat) guiding by the blind person.
  • And after that we teach Braille, play different games without help of sight, guess tactile pictures and answer all questions.

Excursion in our museum:

  • interactive shared experience for whole class;
  • tasks for feelings development;
  • increasing of tolerance.

Excursions for large groups

  • 2 hours
  • 11-24 visitors
  • 2-3 blind guides
  • 200 uah/visitor
Екскурсії в музеї 03:00

Teambuilding or birthday party? We know what to offer you!
Excursion in the dark – the best way to know more about your friends and surrounding world.

During excursion you will visit 5 locations, approximately 150 s.m., and you will try to do usual everyday things without help of your vision (f.e. cross the road of find apartment). After that you will get to know about braille, play some games in masks and you’ll try to recognize sculptures and paintings by touch.

If you’ll contact us beforehand, we can add some thematic tasks during your excursion.

Gift cards

You could buy gift card in either paper or electronic version.


  • Excursion “Walk in the dark” tour – 1000 UAH (up to 4 persons)
  • Excursion “Date in the dark” tour – 1200 UAH (up to 2 persons)
  • Interactive exhibition “Quest of senses” – 800 UAH (up to 4 persons)
  • Voucher on 500 UAH for any excursion in the museum – 550 UAH
  • Voucher on 300 UAH for any excursion in the museum – 350 UAH
  • Voucher on 200 UAH for any excursion in the museum – 250 UAH

Contact us by phone 073 345 0300 or in social networks.

  • Call 073 345 0300 and buy

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